Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day With Knoxville Bitcoin Network


One meetup group will gather to purchase pizzas using bitcoin and celebrate the day that Bitcoin achieved its first real-world moment of adoption. Knoxville Bitcoin Network will be hosting a Bitcoin Pizza Day Meetup on March 22, 2022. This idea was brought up in our group chat and the event will serve as a way … Read more

Why Service Members Should Buy Bitcoin


Bitcoin serves as a defense for financial freedom for members in the military as they serve to defend others and provides economic opportunity. The views expressed in this article do not reflect the views of the U.S. Military, Department of Defense or U.S. Government. I’ve been around soldiers for nearly a decade. Bitcoin seems like … Read more

Why Bitcoin’s Ossification Will Eventually Be Necessary


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is a classic phrase often repeated, and it naturally applies itself to money that protects our wealth. Ossification is a word thrown around very frequently in Bitcoin. “The protocol will ossify.” “Ossification is good.” “Bitcoin doesn’t need to change, ossify it now.” Bitcoiners are a skeptical group of … Read more

Tether launches crypto and blockchain education program in Switzerland


“It is essential that educational institutions are put into place to help better inform not only traders and investors but future business owners,” said Paolo Ardoino. Switzerland’s southern city of Lugano will host a blockchain- and cryptocurrency-focused school as part of a partnership between the local government and Tether. In a Thursday announcement, Tether and … Read more

Seven Companies You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Mining Bitcoin


What do health and wellness brands, logistics companies and your local Bitcoiner have in common? They’re all hash rate fiends! As the Bitcoin network’s hashrate continues growing, the dynamics of the mining industry and the types of participants are more diverse than ever. Of course, most bitcoin investors are familiar with self-mining, billion-dollar-market-value giants like … Read more

Bitcoin Stories For The 100% From Paxful


A collection of different ways Bitcoin is having an impact on people’s lives across the globe. Bitcoin is for the millions, not the millionaires. At Paxful, we’re on a mission to show that Bitcoin has the power to open up the global economy to countless unbanked people around the globe — providing an accessible and … Read more

Welcome To Liberland, A Nation Created By Bitcoin


Liberland is a sovereign nation that has represented a physical presence of Bitcoin adoption and usage since 2015. Liberland is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube River. It is the first micronation to have accepted Bitcoin back in 2015, accomplishing the purpose of its president, Vít … Read more