Top 3 cryptocurrencies that are faring the best in the 2022 bear market


The list is curated after studying the drawdowns of the top 30 crypto assets by market cap from their record highs. The crypto market has been in decline over the past six months with its valuation dropping from over $3 trillion in November 2021 to $1.23 trillion in May 2022. Fears over persistently higher inflation, … Read more

Just a Hunch? Analysts Point to an Uptick in Crypto Insider Trading


Difficult to prove, yet often suspected, insider trading has been a staple practice of dishonest investors ever since the stock markets took off. Over time, regulators like the SEC were founded in order to fight the phenomenon – despite it being an elusive one hard to pin on a perpetrator. This is due to the … Read more

Optimism Introduces Bedrock as Layer 2 Upgrade


Ethereum layer-two (L2) scaling solution Optimism announced an upgrade called Bedrock on its network, with the benefits of lower fees and faster speed for transactions completed through the Optimistic Rollup. The new feature is designed to be the first EVM-based rollup with Ethereum’s level of security and a much cheaper cost for transactions. Bedrock Arrives … Read more

Finance Redefined: Lifeline for Terra projects, proposed Terra hard fork and more


Binance comes to the rescue of Terra projects, Chainalysis introduces new tools to track stolen crypto funds, Do Kwon’s new proposal for a Terra hard fork and more in this week’s DeFi newsletter. The past week in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem was dominated by Terra’s collapse and its aftermath on various ecosystems it was … Read more

Binance Visa Card Guide: Read Before You Order


Spending cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in shops and restaurants is getting easier by the day. More and more merchants grasp the potential of cryptocurrencies and adopt them in one way or another. Several cryptocurrency debit cards have recently popped up to help businesses offer digital assets as a payment method. Just like any … Read more

BNB Chain offers another lifeline to Terra ecosystem projects


Binance’s BNB Chain will offer support to Terra ecosystem projects looking to migrate away from the ailing DeFi protocol. Binance will welcome migration and offer support to projects from the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem following this month’s unraveling of the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform and its algorithmic stablecoin. BNB Chain has committed to providing investment and … Read more

Funding Rates Fall To Yearly Lows Following Bitcoin’s Fall Below $29,000


Bitcoin has had a rough couple of weeks leading up to this moment and the effects of this are still being felt all across the board. This has seen bitcoin’s price crumble below $30,000 once more. Along with this fall has come some other brutal news for the digital asset. One of these has been … Read more

Blockchain Data Indicates $10M Worth Of Ether From The Ronin Exploit In Rotation


More than 5,505 Ether of the Ronin Bridge exploitation seems to be transferred through Tornado Cash, a unique privacy crypto exchange. Blockchain data showed that the address associated with the $625 million Ronin Bridge Attack had begun transferring ether tokens valued at over $10 million. This occurred during the Asian morning hours. The data showed … Read more

Crypto giants co-launch Chainabuse platform to water down rising scams


Chainabuse allows crypto users, victims of financial crimes and crypto businesses to report, discuss and actively issue warnings to reduce the effectiveness of scams. Seven major crypto companies — Binance.US, Circle, Solana Foundation, The Aave Companies, Hedera, TRM Labs and Civic — joined hands to launch a community-driven scam reporting tool. Named Chainabuse, the tool … Read more

CZ: Binance Wants to Apply for a Crypto License in Germany


Changpeng Zhao – CEO of the digital asset exchange Binance – revealed that the company seeks to obtain a license from the German regulators and settle in Europe’s largest economy. He also touched upon the recent market decline, saying it has its cycles and a potential “crypto winter” will not last forever. After France, Binance … Read more