China’s BSN Ready With Blockchain Cloud Service for August Launch: Report  


China may have banned cryptocurrencies on its territory, but blockchain technology remains a key priority area for the government. Its global ambitions in this space are just taking off with BSN Spartan Network, which is advertised to be open-source and free from the Chinese government’s snooping. BSN’s Spartan Network Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), a project … Read more

Lido (LDO) Sheds 58% Of Its All-Time High TVL At $11 Billion


Lido TVL or total value locked, toppled over to new high lows seen in the third week of this month following the bearish movement of the DeFi market. LDO has shaved off over 58% of its TVL, which registered an all-time high of $20.4 billion on April 6 but dropped down to roughly $8.6 billion … Read more

a16z Reiterates Bullish Thesis on Web3, Compares it to the Internet’s Early Days


Leading crypto VC firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) released a report offering an annual overview of the current trends and state of the crypto industry. The paper reiterated the firm’s bullish views on Web3, projecting long-term growth ahead of the sector, and weighed in on the dominant position as claimed by Ethereum among layer-one blockchains. “Web3 … Read more

How NFTs are making real estate investments more attainable


Although real estate is often considered a safer investment over stocks, it isn’t for everyone, a reality leading many to look to the digital realm as an alternative. Analysts continue to view real estate as a secure and lucrative investment based on its history of higher returns, especially when compared to traditional stocks.  In many … Read more

CryptoCom Donates to UPenn’s Crypto Research Lab to Support Privacy and Security Studies


Popular cryptocurrency exchange CryptoCom announced on Thursday that it had donated an undisclosed sum to the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) to fund research on privacy and security in digital environments. CryptoCom Support UPenn’s Crypto Research Lab As per a press release shared with CryptoPotato, the contribution made to UPenn’s new Crypto Research Laboratory Fund will … Read more

Why decentralized messaging apps will replace today’s social media platforms


Centralized communication platforms prove to be an easily identifiable weakness in activist movements. The Russian government has cracked down on foreign social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, banning them for extremist activists. For protestors, activists and local civilians, these actions have resulted in a significant barrier to communication with the outside world. … Read more

Fallen Hedge Fund Tycoon Raising Funds for Crypto TV Channel


Falcone rose to fame and fortunes, amassing a fortune of $2 billion by shorting housing markets but has since squandered most of that over the past decade, according to reports. On May 17, the New York Post reported that the former hedge fund tycoon is angling to profit from TV coverage of the crypto industry, … Read more

EY Scales its Blockchain API Services for Upgrading Supply Chain Management


EY – a Big Four accounting firm – launched a new application programming interface (API) for its blockchain platform, allowing enterprise users to transact on public blockchains without dealing with the complexity of entire DLT systems. New API for EY OpsChain EY OpsChain, part of the giant’s blockchain platform, is a subsidiary dedicated to solving … Read more

How the Metaverse could impact the lives of kids


The effects of social media on the mental health of kids and teens have been bad enough — will the Metaverse be a safe place for them? How to protect kids and teens in the Metaverse Protecting young individuals is a shared responsibility. Therefore, parents must closely monitor their children’s activities in the Metaverse. As … Read more