BTC Facing Critical Decision Ahead of a New Week (Bitcoin Price Analysis)


Currently, the price is consolidating inside a crucial demand zone. However, considering the current global markets’ sentiment and recent price action, it’s too early to label the present region as the bottom. Technical Analysis Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart Despite the recent equilibrium in the $29-30K range, the price might simply be forming … Read more

BTC Price Analysis: Bitcoin Retests $30K But Is There More Pain to Come?


Bitcoin’s price has been consolidating for the last few days, and the decrease from $48K has slowed down by forming support at the $30K level. Technical Analysis By Edris The Daily Chart Considering the current macro sentiment, it may be too early to call the current area the bottom, as price action could easily be … Read more

This is Bitcoin’s First Target for a Potential Recovery (BTC Price Analysis)


Despite the relative calmness in the market, the price action is not showing signs of a robust recovery. Although the US stock closed yesterday with a green candle and the DXY index has gone down for the past three days, Bitcoin has not been successful in stabilizing above the critical $30K level. Fear and doubt … Read more

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Fails to Conquer $30K, More Pain to Come?


Over the last ten days, the $30K demand zone, which was expected to be a strong support level for reversing any downtrend price movement, was broken to the downside. Now, it acts as a magnetic resistance level in the market. Technical Analysis By Shayan  The Daily Chart Bitcoin is now consolidating at around $29K, while … Read more

Following the Crash Towards $26K, What’s Next for Bitcoin? (BTC Technical Analysis)


After a few weeks of consolidation, Bitcoin was unable to increase and eventually broke to the downside. This resulted in a considerable liquidation cascade and a drop below the critical support level of $30K. Technical Analysis Technical Analysis Shayan The Daily Chart The market has now tapped the resting liquidity below the significant demand zone … Read more