Stripe To Enable Millions of Merchants To Convert Payments Into Bitcoin via OpenNode


Stripe, a global payment processor, has partnered with OpenNode enabling businesses to convert fiat payments into bitcoin. Stripe, one of the largest payment processors in the world, just announced businesses will be able to convert any amount of payments into bitcoin. The functionality comes through a partnership with Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure provider, OpenNode, through … Read more

The Giving Block Launches First-Ever Bitcoin, Crypto Donations Fund For Miami Nonprofits


The Giving Block and Shift4 have partnered for a Caring With Crypto nonprofit donation campaign to support Miami-based nonprofits. The Giving Block is partnering with Shift4 for a nonprofit donation campaign with the Miami Impact Index Fund. The campaign is called Caring With Crypto, and the CEO of Shift 4 will be personally matching the … Read more

Survey: Companies Accepting Bitcoin, Crypto Have Positive Impact On Their Image


A survey from CoinsPaid saw respondents from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia positively view bitcoin as the future of money amid high inflation levels. CoinsPaid recently surveyed respondents from Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia on their outlook of companies accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Over 50% of Brazilians, 38% of Argentinians, and 35% of Colombians view currencies like … Read more

Using Bitcoin And Discreet Log Contracts To Facilitate Sports Betting


Discreet log contracts even the odds for peer-to-peer sports betting on Bitcoin. Bettors have a fairer chance when sportsbooks lose their advantage. Chris Stewart is the CEO and cofounder of Suredbits, a bitcoin-settled derivatives platform. Discreet log contracts (DLCs) are a way to do peer-to-peer betting directly on Bitcoin. You can make these contracts contingent … Read more

Bitcoin’s ‘Difficult’ Past: Exponential Network Growth Powered By Perfect Competition


Reviewing the difficulty changes in Bitcoin’s history demonstrates that the practice of mining is near-perfectly competitive and is becoming increasingly so. As of the date of this writing, block 737,000, Bitcoin is almost two-thirds into its 366th difficulty epoch. A difficulty epoch is a period in which 2,016 blocks are added to Bitcoin’s ledger, ideally … Read more

Central African Republic To Launch Bitcoin, Crypto Hub


After adopting bitcoin as legal tender, the Central African Republic now wants to create a cryptocurrency economic zone – Sango. The Central African Republic (CAR), the second country in the world to adopt bitcoin as a legal currency after El Salvador, plans to develop a hub to attract cryptocurrency businesses and enthusiasts to the nation. … Read more

Casa Helps Users Secure Their Bitcoin


It’s imperative to use best practices in bitcoin security in order to protect assets. Jameson Lopp shares the ways Casa supports their clients. Watch This Episode On YouTube Listen To The Podcast Here: Apple Spotify Google Libsyn Overcast Jameson Lopp, one of the foremost experts in bitcoin security, joins Steven McClurg and C.J. Wilson on … Read more

One Of The Largest Real Estate Developers In Brazil Now Accepts Bitcoin


Gafisa, one of the largest Brazilian real estate developers, now accepts bitcoin for real estate transactions through a partnership with Foxbit. Brazilian real estate developer, Gafisa, is now accepting bitcoin as payment for real estate transactions. In order to bring bitcoin to its customers, Gafisa partnered with a cryptocurrency gateway provider known as Foxbit. Bitcoin … Read more

What Warren Buffett Gets Right About Bitcoin


Warren Buffet’s most recent critique about Bitcoin is its lack of “producing” anything, which actually proves its monetary properties and usefulness as money. Before I exited academia, I trained as a financial historian. I looked at balance sheets in dusty, old archives and I investigated what banks were doing in Victorian Britain; I ran fancy … Read more

Japan’s Second Largest Bank To Launch Institutional Bitcoin, Crypto Custodial Services


Sumitomo Mitsui Trust will partner with Bitbank to form a company focused on institutional custodial services for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui Trust is launching a new company for institutional clients looking for custodial services for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The new company will be called Japan Digital Asset Trust and is … Read more