Cardano (ADA) Could Slide Back To $0.40 – But $0.68 Still Doable


Cardano (ADA) price looks bullish as it does a U-turn on Monday following negative economic spikes from China getting crypto traders all worried. In addition, many major corporations are exiting Russia, including McDonald’s. All of these factors contribute to heightened risk sentiment making it entirely difficult for major cryptocurrencies to elevate in price than usual. … Read more

How Long Will The CryptoWinter Last? Cardano Founder Provides Answers


It is evident that the market has now officially welcomed a cryptowinter. The market prices of various digital assets show this. However, as is expected, investors in the space are wondering how long this cryptowinter is expected to last. Goin by previous markets, it could be that the market is in for the long haul … Read more