Bitcoin’s ‘Difficult’ Past: Exponential Network Growth Powered By Perfect Competition


Reviewing the difficulty changes in Bitcoin’s history demonstrates that the practice of mining is near-perfectly competitive and is becoming increasingly so. As of the date of this writing, block 737,000, Bitcoin is almost two-thirds into its 366th difficulty epoch. A difficulty epoch is a period in which 2,016 blocks are added to Bitcoin’s ledger, ideally … Read more

Largest difficulty drop since July 2021 — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week


Bitcoin is getting a dose of reality this week as the World Economic Forum convenes and analysts still favor a fresh BTC price drop. Bitcoin (BTC) is off to a better start than most this week as bulls avoid serious losses into the weekly close. Still heavily tied to declining stock markets, the largest cryptocurrency … Read more

Record Mining Difficulty Shows Industry Growth Despite Bitcoin Bear Market


The bears can’t keep miners down as data shows increasing hash rate — which could lead to some uncomfortable hash price realities. Bitcoin may be in a bearish market, but the mining industry is growing bigger than ever. Bitcoin mining difficulty set a new record high for the sixth time this year on Tuesday, reaching … Read more