ECB: One in ten households in eurozone population centers now own cryptocurrency


The survey took place in the EU’s major economic areas such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands. On Tuesday, the European Central Bank, or ECB, published the results of a new survey conducted in six eurozone areas; the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, and Germany. Together, approximately 10% of respondents from the … Read more

ECB: High Correlation Casts Doubt Over Crypto’s Usefulness in Portfolio Diversification


Amid fears of recession and rising inflation, the cryptocurrency industry witnessed the entry of many new participants who bought digital assets to diversify portfolios. But the latest declines are hitting them hard as the space continues to move in lockstep with stocks and bonds. Increasing Correlation During Market Stress The European Central Bank (ECB) has … Read more

Digital euro could come as soon as 2026 — ECB official


Commenting on the recent market volatility, Fabio Panetta also said stablecoins were still “vulnerable to runs,” just as investing in cryptocurrencies carried certain risks. Fabio Panetta, an executive board member of the European Central Bank, or ECB, has said that a digital euro could come within four years, potentially designed with a person-to-person payment solution. … Read more

ECB lays out ‘anonymous’ digital euro as public opposes ‘slavecoins’


The ECB drops another working paper on the digital euro causing more outrage from Europeans opposing a central bank digital currency. The ECB released another working paper on the digital euro, providing an extensive technical analysis of a potential European CBDC and its position in the existing financial system. Issued on May 13, the working … Read more