Bitcoin Songsheet: How Education Became A Fountain Of Fiat Values


Modern educational institutions are mere shells of the learning centers they once were as a result of fiat incentives. This is an opinion editorial by Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur and programmer with over 20 years of experience. College is a scam. Colleges don’t sell education, but an upper class lifestyle for … Read more

Genomics company explores NFTs in hopes of advancing precision medicine


GeneNFTs may be a game-changer for genomic testing, but user education is still needed in order for this model to advance. It’s predicted that nonfungible tokens (NFTs) will have a vast impact on society. Given this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the trillion-dollar healthcare sector has begun to explore NFTs tokens to advance … Read more

Central bankers bellow Bitcoin on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach


On day three of El Salvador’s financial inclusion and funding for SMEs conference, Bitcoin has stolen the show. The orange pilling adventure in El Salvador continues. In a video that beggars belief, 44 central bankers and financial delegates from emerging markets around the world shout “Bitcoin!” while posing for a photo in El Zonte, El … Read more

Tether launches crypto and blockchain education program in Switzerland


“It is essential that educational institutions are put into place to help better inform not only traders and investors but future business owners,” said Paolo Ardoino. Switzerland’s southern city of Lugano will host a blockchain- and cryptocurrency-focused school as part of a partnership between the local government and Tether. In a Thursday announcement, Tether and … Read more

Madeira ‘embraces’ Bitcoin and how the president met Michael Saylor


Why and how the island of Madeira is “adopting” Bitcoin and how the president fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. The tiny Portuguese island of Madeira has “adopted” Bitcoin (BTC) — but what does that mean? The announcement made during the Bitcoin Miami Conference in 2022 has spurned confusion and misinformation. The President of the … Read more

Accessibility is the main barrier to crypto adoption — Here are the solutions


Cryptocurrency accessibility is inhibited by a lack of financial and crypto literacy created in part by the wealth gap, technostress and overuse of jargon. Accessibility is a pain point for cryptocurrency adoption that has been discussed for years, yet still, it is pertinent as ever. This issue was most recently recognized by the United States … Read more

TZ APAC’s Colin Miles: Blockchain will be taught in classrooms in 3-5 years


TZ APAC’s Colin Miles says that a new partnership with the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing will help students learn about Tezos and blockchain. Colin Miles, the newly-appointed CEO of TZ APAC, expects blockchain and Web3 curricula to start becoming an integral part of secondary and tertiary education within the next three to … Read more