Bitcoin Songsheet: Wind And Solar Are The Altcoins Of Energy


A misdirection of resources and an obstruction of progress, wind and solar energy reflect the same distracting qualities of altcoins. Wind and solar are altcoins. They are unreliable, costly and make as much sense as LUNA. “Green” energy takes up too much real estate for the energy they provide but they grow through propaganda and … Read more

Mining Bitcoin With Energy Stored In Waste Tires


PRTI has discovered a way to demanufacture old car tires, turning them into sources of energy, some of which is then used to mine bitcoin on-site. The Problem The wheel is often touted as one of the most important tools to have ever been invented. Furthermore, cars allow for travel across vast swaths of land … Read more

Bitcoin mining in Norway gets the green light as the proposed ban rejected


The proposal to ban Bitcoin mining in Norway was rejected in a vote by the Norwegian Parliament on May 10. There’s Nor-way they can ban Bitcoin (BTC) mining in Norway now. That’s according to a majority vote passed by the Norwegian parliament on May 10. The proposal to ban Bitcoin mining in Norway was first … Read more