Like Ruble, Like Shitcoin — Only Bitcoin Gets Its Value Organically


On examination, fiat and shitcoins share the same trick of getting people to give up real value for promises. This is an opinion editorial by Joakim Book, a Research Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research, and writer on all things money and financial history. All (fiat) monies struggle with getting their users to … Read more

Tether reports 17% decrease in commercial paper holdings over Q1 2022


“This latest attestation further highlights that Tether is fully backed and that the composition of its reserves is strong, conservative and liquid,” said Paolo Ardoino. USDT Stablecoin issuer Tether (USDT) has reported it cut its reserves allocation to commercial paper investments and increased that of United States Treasury bills over the first quarter of 2022. … Read more

Bitcoin Songsheet: A Nation Of Rent Seekers


The fiat monetary system ultimately disincentivizes productivity and the creation of real value and instead attributes wealth to rent-seekers. Rent seeking is the real virus. The virus spreads from person-to-person through the central bank-backed fiat monetary system and grows like a cancer through regulation. Rent seekers think they are providing some value somewhere, but can’t … Read more