Bitcoin Pizza Day rewind: A homage to weird and wonderful BTC purchases


In recognition of Bitcoin pizza day, the first-ever real-world transaction using Bitcoin, Cointelegraph speaks with the crypto community about their historic BTC purchases. Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day! Before you dial for a Margherita to commemorate the world’s first real-world Bitcoin transaction, here’s a slice of trivia: What do a family holiday to Japan, a 50 … Read more

Bill Gates Does Not Own Crypto Because It Doesn’t Have Product Value


The American computer programmer and entrepreneur who co-founded Microsoft Corporation – Bill Gates – revealed he had not distributed some of his wealth into cryptocurrencies. He said he likes investing in things that have “valuable output,” arguing digital assets do not fit this bill. Crypto Is Not Bill Gates’ Cup of Tea One of the … Read more

Response To Cole South’s ‘Why I Don’t Own Bitcoin Anymore’


A recent blog post outlined an investor’s rationale for abandoning bitcoin, and necessitated a Bitcoiner’s response. Earlier this week, writer Cole South published a post on why he no longer HODLs bitcoin that generated some animated Twitter discussion. So it seemed important to provide a quick walk through of some of South’s arguments from … Read more

The Sky Is Not Falling: Why The Bitcoin Price Doesn’t Matter


The recent bitcoin price action demonstrates that it’s time for a more grown-up culture of building, development and adoption around Bitcoin. “Bear markets are the best time to be alive and in the sector. It’s depressing for those that don’t know what they’re doing, it’s awesome for those that have a longer-term view.” – Simon … Read more