California regulator will revisit long-running ban on crypto donations on May 19


“This has been on our radar since late last year,” said California’s Fair Political Practices Commission communications director Jay Wierenga. A California state regulator may be looking at overturning a ban on cryptocurrency donations to political campaigns which has been in effect since 2018. According to its May 2022 agenda, California’s Fair Political Practices Commission, … Read more

What To Expect After President Biden’s Executive Order On Bitcoin


The recent executive order offers insight into the United States government’s view of Bitcoin and how they intend to become an international leader. Joseph Stafford is a partner at the law firm Wilson Elser and provides counseling to clients in the Intellectual Property, Regulatory Compliance and Corporate/D&O Risk Management practice areas. By signing an executive … Read more

Is Bitcoin Changing The Way The Left Thinks?


As inflation leaves young Democrats with few options for acquiring wealth, some voters are challenging party leaders’ perspective on Bitcoin. I’ve always considered myself a left-leaning progressive type… or, in my mind, someone who prides themselves on putting the needs of everyday folk over corporate interests or the wealthy few. I grew up in a … Read more