Bitcoin Back Below $30,000 After A Record 8 Weeks In The Red


Bitcoin decoupled from equity markets to the downside on Monday after ending last week as the eighth consecutive weekly loss. Bitcoin has failed to hold the $30,000 level on Monday after scoring its eighth consecutive week in the red for the first time ever. During these eight weeks, which began in late March and ended … Read more

Bitcoin Price Falls Below $30,000 With Unexpected 8.3% Inflation Report


CPI inflation data exceeded market expectations, maintaining a near 40-year high of 8.3% as bitcoin falls below its $30,000 line of support. U.S. inflation maintains a near 40-year high with a 8.3% CPI increase. Bitcoin has fallen below its $30,000 line of support as inflation exceeds expectations. Fuel prices show the highest 12-month adjusted inflation … Read more