3 red flags that signal a crypto project may be misleading investors


The challenges faced by Terra, Wonderland and a handful of other DeFi projects exposed the need for investors to do more research and avoid cult personalities. Satoshi Nakamoto left a large pair of shoes to fill after releasing the code for Bitcoin (BTC) to the world, helping the network get established, then vanishing without so … Read more

Crypto giants co-launch Chainabuse platform to water down rising scams


Chainabuse allows crypto users, victims of financial crimes and crypto businesses to report, discuss and actively issue warnings to reduce the effectiveness of scams. Seven major crypto companies — Binance.US, Circle, Solana Foundation, The Aave Companies, Hedera, TRM Labs and Civic — joined hands to launch a community-driven scam reporting tool. Named Chainabuse, the tool … Read more

80,000 Bitcoin gone: What’s left in Luna’s reserve wallet?


The Luna Foundation Guard updates the world concerning its crypto-asset reserves and shares a promise to compensate the remaining users of failed stablecoin UST. The Luna saga continues. In a Twitter thread, the team behind the failed algorithmic stablecoin UST and the token LUNA shared precisely how much Bitcoin and crypto assets they had disposed of. … Read more