Negative Streak Continues: Bitcoin Registers 8 Consecutive Weekly Candle in Red


Despite reclaiming the $30,000 mark late last night, bitcoin still closed the weekly candle in the red. Thus, the cryptocurrency extended its negative streak to eight consecutive weeks. 8 in a Row in Red A lot can change in the cryptocurrency space in two months, and it definitely did for bitcoin. The asset stood close … Read more

Christine Lagarde’s Son Is a Crypto Investor Despite Her Anti-Bitcoin Stance


The President of the European Central Bank (ECB) – Christine Lagarde – reiterated her negative stance on cryptocurrencies, claiming they are “based on nothing” and should be strictly regulated. Nonetheless, she revealed that one of her sons had distributed some of his wealth into the digital asset market. Diving Into Crypto Despite Mom’s Advice Numerous … Read more

NFT Artist Beeple’s Twitter Account Hacked as Phishing Attacks Continue to Wreak Havoc


As part of yet another phishing attack, the Twitter account of prominent digital artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, was hacked to promote a crypto scam. “Stay safe out there, anything too good to be true IS A F***ING SCAM,” tweeted the artist after regaining his account. The hacked account featured a phishing link … Read more

Another Crypto Bet: Drake Lost $234K in BTC on the F1 Spanish GP


The Canadian rap star – Aubrey Drake Graham (better known as Drake) – placed a $234,000 worth of bitcoin bet on Ferrari’s driver Charles Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix. Unfortunately for him, the winner of the race was Red Bull’s pilot Max Verstappen. Drake’s First F1-Bitcoin Bet The artist took it to Instagram … Read more

Market Watch: Bitcoin Reclaims $30K, LUNA Recovers 12%


Following the relatively calm weekend, bitcoin finally initiated an impressive leg up and jumped above $30,000. Most altcoins are also well in the green, with ETH standing north of $2,000 and BNB charting a new two-week high. Bitcoin Reclaims $30K The past seven days were substantially less volatile than the previous week, in which BTC … Read more

CoinSwitch CEO Pitches for Regulatory Clarity, Certainty, Peace  


India’s regulatory uncertainty for the crypto sector came into sharp focus at the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos. In an interview with Reuters, CoinSwitch Kuber CEO Ashish Singhal highlighted the government’s policy dilemma on the industry. “Users don’t know what will happen with their holdings – is the government going to … Read more

The Terra (LUNA) Collapse: 4 Lessons To Be Learned (Opinion)


As the stormy waters recede from this month’s crypto market bloodbath, one blockchain network has been washed ashore dead: Terra. The network’s co-founder, Do Kwon, has forfeited any attempt at restoring the current chain to its former glory. He’s now advocating to hard fork and start anew with a different cryptocurrency – a highly questionable … Read more

Litecoin Activates MimbleWimble Extension Blocks (MWEB)


Litecoin has finally announced the activation of Mimblewimble Extension Blocks (MWEB) more than two years after it was first introduced. On May 2nd, Litecoin achieved the 75% network consensus threshold required for activation after months of dialogue with different miners of the network. Following this, MWEB officially locked in for activation at block height 2257920. … Read more

Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Tag Heuer Accepts Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Stablecoin Payments in the US


LVMH-owned Swiss luxury brand Tag Heuer announced earlier this week that it will accept a total of twelve major cryptocurrencies plus five stablecoins as payment options on its US website. The globally renowned watchmaker had previously revealed that it would soon allow digital currency payments on all websites. An Early Push into Web3 Tag Heuer’s … Read more

Market Watch: Bitcoin Below $30K, About to Close 8 Consecutive Week in Red


Despite challenging $30,000 yesterday at one point, bitcoin was unable to overcome it and remains stuck below that line. Most altcoins are quite calm on a daily scale, with a minor increase from BNB and a more substantial jump from NEAR Protocol. Bitcoin Stands Still Below $30K Last week was a highly emotional and fluctuating … Read more